Article Research – In class

Today is our second class lesson to do our experiment ,

As i have already finished my experiment at home last week i am now working on my Article Research.

Three Article’s that i may use for my Report here are the  links i have found today in this lesson: – as in my experiment i was testing if ice and salt would affect the melting time of Ice cream and i found that i did. In this article i have read , it explains that salt will lower the melting point of ice.

Another article i found: 

This article explains that the melting point of the ice cream will depend on 3 factors, the amount of whipped-in air, the size of its ice crystals, and its framework of fat globules.

The last article i found today was: This article explains what substances keeps ice cream from melting. 

The Article explains that ice cream melts due to the colligate effect.The colligative effect is described to be a phenomenon by which the freezing point of a solution is lowered when more solid substance’s are dissolved in the solution.

I plan to Finish working on my Experiment Report tonight and finish up on adding in results.

bye for now 🙂

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